⚡ Ebike Front Hub Kits

E-bike Front Hub Conversion Kits

Front-wheel mounted hub motors can be found on pre-built e-bikes or in DIY conversion kits. Mounted to the front wheel, this is the easiest configuration to setup if you're converting a standard bicycle since there is no derailleur or chain to worry about. And as some e-bike conversions include a battery mounted to the rear rack, using a front hub motor helps balance the weight of the bike and makes it easier to handle. But there is a risk that the front motor could cause the front forks to break. That's you should only use a front hub motor on a steel fork.

The easiest way to turn your regular bike into an electric one is to swap the front wheel with one powered by an electric hub motor. To convert your bike with a this kit type, fork must be the standard 100mm to properly accept these electric bike kit wheel. If you have a fat bike, the fork is likely to have a larger spacing, so you would need to look for a specialized kit.

Besides the motorized wheel this type of conversion kit usually comes with all the parts needed to electrify your bike: a battery, speed controller, a pair of brake handles, an LCD display and a thumb or a twist throttle. The rest of your bike - pedals, gears to the rear wheel, using your brakes - all works exactly as it has before. The front-wheel conversion kits also may come with a cadence sensor, or a pedaling assistance sensor, that engages the motor when you start pedaling.