⚡ Ebike Mid Drive Kits

E-bike Mid-Drive Conversion Kits

Mid-mounted motor drives are usually mounted near or under the bottom bracket shell with pedal crankset. Mid-drive systems tend to feel more like a normal bike, since they drive the pedals, just like your legs, and those who frequently climb long, steep hills tend to prefer mid-drive systems for their ability to handle long climbs. As they can leverage the bicycles lowest gears for climbs, mid drive systems can also leverage the high gears to reach higher speeds on flat areas than a hub system. The mid-drive motor drives the crank, instead of the wheel itself, which multiplies its power and allows it to better take advantage of the bike's existing gears. It is a perfect option for those who love mountain biking.

Mid-drive motors directly power the crankset and usually works together with your gears, including leaving your rear derailleur free to shift gears. This type of setting is all about smooth and efficient performance. The mid drive bike will be able to climb crazy steep hills, and the weight distribution is even.

Big brands in eBike industry like Bosch, Shimano, and Yamaha have their own top-of-the-line mid-drive units. However, these require special design of the bike frame to fit on, and they come with a hefty price. For the best performance/price ratio that can be fitted on any bike frame, look for brands such as Bafang or 8fun.